Unloading Equipment

Brock’s HARVEST-TIME® Bin Unloading System is Different by Design: it’s a “two for one” system. This means that you get an under-floor tube and flight conveyor combined with a floor sweep –all economically driven by a single electric motor. With Brock’s HARVEST-TIME Unloading System, you can choose the components that best suit your needs:

The smooth-working HARVEST-TIME Unloader and Power Sweep combination can be operated from outside the bin, or . . .
The HARVEST-TIME Unloader can be used with a center pivot to connect to an existing portable sweep.

Power heads for unloading system include incline or horizontal units.

A simple shift mechanism is located outside of the bin to engage the sweep and to eliminate the need to enter the bin for sweep operation.

One motor on the exterior powers both the sweep and the bin unloading auger through rugged, reliable gearboxes – no extra chains, belts, or wiring required.