Brock has a world-wide reputation as the leader you can trust to provide reliable on-farm storage that allows growers to preserve and market their grain when they are ready. BROCK SOLID™ is our guarantee of trusted reliability you can count on day in and day out. It's unmistakable quality, built to last year after year. And it's the same guarantee we founded the company on back in 1957.

Whether your storage system consists of a couple of non-stiffened bins with an auger or an integrated drying, handling and storage system, BROCK® Bins are the right choice for the job. BROCK SOLID means you can depend on them. Times may change but our solid values are stronger than ever.

For dependable, secure storage season after season, many growers turn to Brock because Brock offers: •More models and choices – from 15- to 54-foot diameter bins with a maximum storage capacity of nearly 71,000 bushels. •Strength-providing roof design that offers the highest farm bin peak load capacities available – up to 8,000 pounds with a ground snow load rating of 30 pounds per square foot. •Choice of narrow-corrugation 2.66-inch or wide-corrugation (4-inch sidewalls providing a greater variety of bin size and height options. •Practical innovations such as easy-open access doors that require no tools, unique roof ventilation systems for more total ventilation and no roof cuts and high-strength aeration floors with ample air distribution and easy clean-out. No matter how sophisticated your grain system becomes in the future, the core of that system will always be the bin. Contact us or your professional Brock dealer to learn more about industry-leading systems from Brock – the leader you can rely on. BROCK SOLID™ – offering you the quality you've come to expect and the trusted integrity you deserve.

Indiana Farm Systems will design, install your entire grain storage facility or when you want to add one bin.


Brock Stiffened Grain Storage Is Exceeding Expectations™ Brock's decades of storage design and manufacturing experience helps to make Brock's stiffened grain storage products Different by Design™!

Because of that experience, BROCK® Stiffened Grain Storage Bins offer commercial users the best built-in value over the life of the product.

Look at the advantages Brock's approach to grain storage products offers you: •Elevate your grain management to new heights with Brock’s EVEREST® E-Series Grain Silos! The new EVEREST E-Series offers the tallest bins and has some of the highest grain-holding capacities available. •More models and choices so you can get the silo you need. Single bin capacities range up to 1.34 million bushels with Brock's M-Series™ line of bins. •More innovative, user-friendly features to help you maintain and protect your valuable stored grain. •Top quality performance and classic product durability and ease of use closely associated with the BROCK® name. Design does matter! •Brock's industry-leading five-year warranty program on stiffened grain bins - we believe we have the best warranty in the industry! See Brock’s full written warranty for complete warranty details. •A growing line of products designed to help save labor and money. •Service … from planning to installation … and beyond. If you are considering long-term, high-quality grain storage, get the differences only Brock provides.

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