Pneumatic Systems 

Moving grain from the dryer to multiple bins with the use of one power source.
Making conveying turns or
corners without the use of
additional auger systems.
Adding a simplified conveying system to new or existing grain handling systems.
Unlike other pneumatic grain conveyors, Brock’s SUPER-AIR Blower and Airlock Packages arrive
at your site fully assembled, factory-tested and ready to install.
Brock’s Cyclones
Offers High Grain Moving Capacity With Gentle Grain Handling Ability
•Brock’s Grain Cyclone offers the ability for high-capacity grain handling with the use of 4-, 5-, and 6-inch diameter air systems and an appropriate adapter.
•Provides gentler handling of grain than conventional “deadhead” collector
•Cyclone unit efficiently separates grain and air at the bin entry point with the grain dropping smoothly into the bin while the air is vented outside the bin.
•Cyclone comes equipped with replaceable
urethane liner to limit wear in the cyclone unit.
•Manufactured from heavy-gauge steel with powder-coated paint for long-life durability.
•Easy to install and service.
Brock’s Grain Distributor Unit for its SUPER-AIR®
Pneumatic Conveying System provides multiple outlets to make it convenient to use one power source for moving grain to multiple storage bins. This grain distributor offers producers a flexible option for expanding their Brock SUPER-AIR Pneumatic Conveying System in more complex bin layouts.
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